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we have sophisticated infrastructural facilities that confirm to the requirements for preschools operating American preschool curriculum .


Our curriculum is tailored towards producing a total child in cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. We take cognizance of language acquisition


Behind Every Activity We Do There Are Underlying Concepts. Children Look Forward To Fun Activities We Do On Daily Basis.


Designed with
Children in Mind

Wow kids Nellore,  is a Concept of  preschool and it was founded by  Mr  Srikanth, Mr Rayi Ramanaya, Mrs Sri Padma, Mrs Pavitra. The concept of individual differences in children and are set to prepare every child to face the future challenges with confidence. Mr Srikanth is blessed with a  wealth of knowledge and experience acquired as a student of the  Prestigious IIT Roorkee . He has strong belief in holistic education and learning through the play-way methods. He is of the opinion that learning is authentic and interesting when children are allowed to experiment and explore even at their early years.

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Wow kids Nellore,  is a Concept of  preschool and it was founded by  Mr  Srikanth, Mr Rayi Ramanaya, Mrs Sri Padma, Mrs Pavitra.

Our Activities

Behind every activity we do there are underlying concepts. Children look forward to fun activities we do on daily basis.

Our Facilities

In pursuit of the goal of making our environment conducive for learning,we have sophisticated infrastructural facilities.

Our Teachers

Teacher is a person who is always a source of love, morally upright and whose behaviour not only in personal but also in the professional life is impeccable.

Our Curriculum

We run a Curriculum that is based on experiential learning and geared towards the building of virtues and potentials in children.

Our Safefty & Security

The primary considerations before you choose a school for your wards are safety, security and health. At WOW KIDS NELLORE, We take these as serious issues.

Parent's FAQ

We assure you that your child will settle down quickly and will intimate you on how your ward is fairing in these regards.

Our teaching methodology & curriculum

Montessori & Play Way Method

At WOW KIDS NELLORE, we believe every child is unique and has seperate set of skills. Our curriculum and teaching methodology is innovative, beautifully designed to enhance the child’s learning. The best practices of the Waldorf, Play way and Montessori methods are used. This unique pedagogy combined with an experimental learning makes the child creative, independent, self motivated and makes ready for success all through his life. Thus our kindergarden program helps every child develop essential skills. Undoubtedly this makes WOW KIDS the best pre-primary school in Nellore.


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Parent Testimonial

Being my child’s first school I am really happy with the school curriculum. Teachers care while teaching in different methods to understand.


wow kids we have seen a commendable improvement in he academic activities , interaction with others and above all her ability to learn new things


Wonderful built environment for learning. Great care for each child. Far Far above what we expected. My children improved very well.


I see my child growing with a lot of confidence and good learning with support of wow kids VERY CARING STAFF. Thank You.


Very happy with the teaching methodology ,feedback system and transparency of wow kids. Very good improvement in my children's studies.